Alright, as we know VeggieTales is back! I did another video about it where I talked about that. Talking about my predictions and my hopes and my dreams. And if you want to check that out I’m sure it’s in the description or it’s in the card or whatever it’s in a card. It’s up at the top of the screen in a card. I mean, we haven’t gotten a trailer. Any visual information, other than the, “Hey, VeggieTales is back!” sort of thing, but what we do have is The Best Christmas Gift VeggieTales Christmas Christmas Christmas. So apparently, they’re gonna kick it off with this Christmas thing. So this is like the VeggieTales show. Christmas thing, that trailers out and I wanted to look at it. I’ll do another video whenever the actual, you know, the full show comes out. I’ll probably review it. I’ll tell you guys what I think. What better way to check it out than to do it with you guys, hanging out with me, so let’s just jump right into it. 

I’m sorry that’s an old hat. I don’t know why I keep saying that this is an old hat as I point to my baseball cap. I don’t know why I keep wearing it, “Let’s go VeggieTales!” Voiceover comes in, “New from VeggieTales The Best Christmas Gift.“ You know! I love VeggieTales with all of my heart. Whenever, I see a trailer like this and hear a voiceover like that, it reminds me, “Oh alright, what am I doing. It’s a kids show. This is for kids.” It’s fine, you know. Yeah, I’m not offended by that. I don’t know, it’s just that old Disney voice like, “New on VHS!” It actually reminds me of there was at the beginning of a Goofy Movie. There was this thing, “And now, an exciting music video Doctor Loonies Remedy from the award-winning musical trio Parachute Express.” “From Doctor Loonies Remedy,” anyway, that voiceover sounds like that guy. That was a weird thing. Alright, let’s check this out.

“Bob and Larry and the rest of the VeggieTales crew are putting on a Christmas show,” voiceover man. I mean, it’s exciting to see the VeggieTales kind of back with their old designs, but obviously it looks more updated and stuff like that. So that’s fun. Voiceover continues, “Mister Nezzer theatre.” Bob the Tomato says, “Welcome everyone to our VeggieTales Christmas Show.” Jimmy Gourd asks, “Is it about food?” Junior Asparagus exclaims, “Christmas decorations!” and Madame Blueberry says, “Christmas music.” Voiceover continues narrating, “But when they have trouble putting on the show!” I don’t. I also don’t like trailers and then this thing happens, but when that happens, then this other thing then will happen, but when they have trouble doing this. Will they find out who Jesus really is? Yeah, they will. They’ll find it all out. 

Mister Lunt tries to say, “Bethle-hem.” Jimmy Gourd asks, “Did you say ham?” Finally, Larry concludes, “Guys, let’s stick with the story.” Scene cuts and Bob says, ”Our show is a disaster!” Narrator comes back saying, “Bob begins to wonder how to celebrate Christmas when everything is going wrong. It’s Paw Grape’s idea to go back to the very first Christmas. It’s through the eyes of a Junior shepherd…” Woah, look at those reflections!

What I’m noticing is there’s not a lot of jokes so far. Like they’re the funny voices that we know and love and so that’s making me feel like laughs inside it’s fine. I’m not mad. I’m fine, it’s just not a lot of jokes.

Watch the rest of my trailer reaction for the conclusion. Merry Christmas!



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