I finally saw Aladdin 2019. Since the original is one of my favorite movies of all time, I thought it was only fitting to share my thoughts. Does it hold up. Is it as good as the original? (no) Find out more in this video!


Lions and Disney and Remakes, Oh My!

Old or new Lion King? That is the question. Check out our takes on why sometimes the old is best.



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  1. Valerie Duncan
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    I think they did the last wish/make Jafar a genie part that way because…
    #1. They were afraid of making Will Smith look like an idiot. Robin Williams could play the fool well and lovable, but they portrayed Will’s genie as too cool to be able to do that.
    #2. With all these remakes I believe they assume everyone worth anything has already seen the original, so they don’t care at all about surprise twists or even suspense (in the plot). They don’t let those things linger because they know everyone already knows and just wants to get to the nostalgic happy ending.

    Glad you reviewed it! Stephen and I have been debating whether you liked it. 😂


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