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As temperatures drop and leaves fall, spooky movies await our watching. As we enter October, check out Kevin’s six Say SpookyNight Reviews from years prior. Keep an eye on his YouTube channel for this year’s additions!

1. Invisible Enemies

Kevin watches this classic Christian horror movie (if there is such a thing as a classic in this double-niched genre.) This movie is scary, funny… and full of innuendos? It’s great for the whole family! As long as everyone in the family is over 18.

2. Unwanted Presence

Kevin reviews one of THE scariest movies he’s ever reviewed! This strange blend of Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and The Grudge is worth seeing – with Kevin, at least. See what he thinks!

3. The Thr3e – Part 1

Kevin reviews the Ted Dekker film Thr3e. In this thriller, enter the mind of a killer, a sinner, and a saint! Kevin stops this review short to avoid spoiling the twist ending of the film.

4. The Thr3e – Part 2

Back by popular demand, Kevin reviews the last half of Thr3e. He regrets not finishing it prior for the sake of sparing you spoilers, because people went ahead and spoiled the ending in the comments on his first video. Don’t leave us hanging, Kevin; we gotta know! This is the twist you’ve been waiting for. But was it worth the wait? 

5. Adam’s Testament

Adam’s Testament dives into spiritual warfare. It’s not a subject all Christians feel comfortable watching, but this is a CHRISTIAN take on the topic! But, don’t worry, it’s not entirely tame – look at the punk aesthetic of the main character! See what Kevin has to say about this movie… if you dare!


6. Thy Neighbor

Low budget Christian horror doesn’t get a free pass… Kevin puts this murder thriller on the chopping block! Loving thy neighbor shouldn’t include allowing them in your hot tub with you, alone, while your pastor-spouse is out. Especially when thy neighbor is THAT creepy. Pastor, hide your kid, hide your wife!


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