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Say Goodnight Kevin Star Wars Meme Collection

Come to the EnLIGHTened Side! We have memes.

Trouble In Paradise – Fantasy Island (2020) Review

Bad script, bad acting, bad visuals, bad horror, bad comedy, just bad, bad, bad.

Fandom Fallout: How Did Fandoms Get So Mean?

A family of fans becomes a battleground of caps lock, blocking, and sharing screenshots of conversations in hopes of getting your account banned.

Mentally-Imprisoned Mobster – Capone Review

Not even Tom Hardy could save this film.

Breakthrough | Say MovieNight Kevin

Come with Kevin as he takes a look the faith film, Breakthrough. Starring Topher Grace, Chrissy Metz, Josh Lucas, Mike Colter, Dennis Haysbert. Like a TON of famous people. But are all those famous people enough? Find out in this awesome review!

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