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You like watching movies, right? I assume so. Otherwise, why would you be watching a channel that mostly does movie reviews? And if you choose to sully your soul with secular trash like I do, then you’ll love our sponsor, Fandango. Order your movie tickets ahead of time—because waiting in line is no fun. (Seriously, does anyone actually like waiting in line for tickets?)

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It’s true, Jesus criticized the Pharisees for being cups washed only out the outside. What’s inside is most important—but once we’ve washed the inside of our cups, we can still wash the outside too. That’s, promo code “SGK.”

Donating to charitable causes is great, but how can you know that your money is going to a good cause? You can’t always see where your donation is going. Often, when you donate to a charitable cause, you take a leap of faith. DonorSee solves that problem.

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You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well, for lovers of SGK, you can do that literally with our merch. We have T-shirts, hats, pumpkin scoopers, anything your heart could desire emblazoned with the SGK logo. We even have (literal) fans for our (figurative) fans.

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As a Christian, you don’t want to corrupt your soul by watching dirty movies. No, no—you want your movies to be pure. Wait a second… pure flicks? I think there’s an online service for that. Not a filthy, secular streaming service like Netflix, but a pure, Christian streaming service. Oh, that’s right: Pureflix!

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Stay pure. Watch flix. Try Pureflix.

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When Rial starts to believe that they’re being haunted by a night witch and that they must leave, Bol becomes stubborn and refuses to leave his new home, choosing to fight for his right to stay and begin a new life.

The Sequel to Success

What makes a good sequel?

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