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Feeling nostalgic as you wait for The Batman to release? Disappointed by the moral and creative bankruptcy in The New Mutants? You’ve come to the right blog! Take the high moral ground and watch Kevin’s reviews of the low-quality, campy, Batman-esque CHRISTIAN superhero series: Bibleman!

1. Nostalgia Christian: Bibleman Defeating the Shadow of Doubt

Speaking of nostalgia, we’re throwing it waaay back to the early days of Kevin’s MovieNight Reviews with his Nostalgia Christian phase. After all, “if it exists, there’s a Christian version of it” – Nostalgica Critic included! Kevin watches Bibleman for the first time and analyzes the exciting episode about fighting the Shadow of Doubt. The worst part of this episode? The dancing. The best part? Lightsaber duels! No joke. (Okay, there are lots of cheesy jokes. But there really are lightsabers.) Check it out!

2. Bibleman: Lambasting the Legions of Laziness

Bibleman at the racetrack? Kevin dives into this bizarrely boring Bibleman episode. I mean, the villain IS Slacker, the embodiment of laziness! I guess Slacker put his spell on the writers, too. But he can never touch Kevin’s jokes!


Was Jeremy from Cinema Sins REALLY in an episode of Bibleman? Jeremy himself joins the show to give Kevin and fans the inside scoop! Learn all the exciting behind-the-scenes details here!

4. Bibleman: The Animated Adventures (Trailer Response)

Kevin reacts to the Bibleman animated series trailer! Yes, 20 years after the series was born, they finally get an animated version. A lot of superpowers, a lot of villains, a lot of scripture, not a lot of animation budget… What could go wrong?

5. Bibleman: The Animated Series | Episode 1 Reaction

Kevin watches the first episode of the Bibleman animated series: “CLOBBERING THE CRUSHER: A Lesson in Gentleness~” Kids turn violent thanks to a villain’s evil ray, and it’s up to Bibleman to save the day! With a lot of scripture, and a little violence? Find out what Kevin thinks of this series opener!


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