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​New to SayGoodnightKevin, or still catching up on his Movienight reviews? He has so many to choose from, sometimes it’s overwhelming to know which to watch next! These fan-recommended favorites are a great place for you to jump in.

1. God’s Not Dead 2

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If the first God’s Not Dead is how you discovered SayGoodnightKevin or the world of Christian movies in general, then you’ll love Kevin’s review of the second one! If you were worried the sequel wouldn’t perpetuate the cheap Christian films stereotype or meet the washed-up C-list actor quota, don’t worry; it does! Kevin doesn’t pull punches as he examines the problems in God’s Not Dead 2.

2. Let There Be Light

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You loved Kevin Sorbo as atheist Professor Radisson in Pure Flix’s God’s Not Dead, now watch him star in his own Christian movie, alongside his real-life wife and sons! And guess what – he plays an atheist again! We wish we could tell you this movie was created as a parody of Christian movie tropes, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. See what Kevin McCreary has to say about Kevin Sorbo’s Let There Be Light!

3. Veggie Tales Top 5

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Kevin is great at finding fun ways to analyze boring Christian movies, but you can tell that while he enjoys what he does, he typically doesn’t enjoy the movies themselves. That’s why it’s fun to see Kevin gushing over something he does enjoy: VeggieTales! Find out which episodes of VeggieTales are his five favorites!

4. Divergent

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IT’S…not Christian? Believe it or not, Christian movies don’t have a monopoly on SayGoodnightKevin, and they’re not the only movies with problems. Hear Kevin’s thoughts on this teen apocalyptic novel series movie adaptation that tried to ride the coattails of the wildly successful Hunger Games.

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  1. Yours Truly, Chris
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    My favorite will always be Kevin’s first review of the early 2000s Christian movie “Left Behind.”


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