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Stuck indoors this summer? Video games are the perfect way to enjoy your time at home. Second to playing video games is watching other gamers stream their favorites! Believe it or not, Kevin has streamed a few games himself – most of them tying into a Christian theme one way or another. If you want to take a break from holding the controller, sit back and watch Kevin pick up his and play the following games! Don’t worry – they’re not only Sega games.

Don’t let the title or the artwork scare you. Battles of good against evil are a crucial part of the Bible narrative. And what could be more Christian than slaying demons? Kevin feels that it’s his duty as a Christian to bring down the forces of darkness. Watch him play DOOM Eternal – the 2020 addition to the DOOM franchise!

2. Christian Videogames

Watch Kevin play Wisdom Tree’s iconic Super 3D Noah’s Arc! Because what’s more Biblical than shooting goats with a slingshot? (Somehow there are more than two goats on this Noah’s Arc…) After that, watch Kevin play another Wisdom Tree game: Spiritual Warfare. That title says it all. You have to see how it plays out yourself. Finally, end the stream on an infamously difficult but beloved Capcom game: Disney’s Aladdin. No, it’s not explicitly Christian, but the movie’s message about not lying has got to count for something, right? Besides… Gotta keep one jump ahead of the breadline!


Ah yes, the iconic and clearly Christian video game CUPHEAD. See how much patience Kevin has to play this charming yet notoriously difficult game. Apparently he has enough patience for the stream to be divided into TWO videos! And he’s fighting The Devil, so it’s gotta be GOOD!

4. Rocket League

Kevin’s friends over at fellow Christian YouTube channel, Blimey Cow, hosted a Rocket League tournament, so, naturally, Kevin had to join! Watch him and his buddy OneMadApples go toe to toe (or tire to tire) with Brother-Brother champs Josh and Jordan. There’s nothing more exciting than race cars playing soccer!

5. NFL Blitz 2003

IRL sports might be on hold for now, but it’s still time to play ball… Football! Kevin and Blimey Cow’s Josh took a little break from their podcast The Inner Tube to play one of the greatest football video games of all time: NFL Blitz 2003! Ah, the early 2000s… Watch the stream to find out who wins AND discover if the Steam Controller Josh is playing with is any good! All pressing questions, I assure you.

Honorable Mention: Bible Adventures

Okay, so it’s not a live stream, but it IS one of Kevin’s favorite Christian video game reviews to date! He has a soft spot in his heart for Christian Nintendo games since he grew up playing them. Christian creators in the 80s and 90s really WERE obsessed with making Christian versions of everything – games included!

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