How’s it going! My name’s Kevin. Wow, I’m just up on the hot takes right now. I’ve never been more relevant in my life. A few weeks ago I was talking on my podcast the Inner Tube Show, a show you should go check out. 

My friend Josh and I were discussing reaction videos that I’ve thought about doing and then never got around to doing. One of them just looking at the date here. This came out in 2016! A solid three and a half years old at this point, but that doesn’t matter because I think there are some really good solid principles that we can uncover. That we can open up like a clamshell by checking out this particular video.

 So, Cracked. I don’t know what they do on their channel anymore. I used to watch them. You know when I stopped watching them, when they started doing this show, it was like the weekly news. So annoying! It just wasn’t funny. Maybe, it’s funny and I disagree with it. Do they even make stuff anymore? Holy cow, they haven’t put anything out in six months. Wait, did they go under? Yeah, it looks like they went under. They’re still around as a website, but they don’t do their video stuff anymore. 

Say Goodnight Kevin, beating up the little guy! Who does Adam Ruins Everything? Oh, that must be college humor. They’re the same. If you ever watch a College Humor, then you’ve seen Cracked. This will be a political-ish episode, I guess. Yeah, I guess you could call this another installment of Kevin’s Economic Soapbox

Why Expiration Dates Are B.S. Hmm. Wow, let’s see what they have to say.

Carmen enters eating yogurt and Cody follows.

Cody remarks, “Did you get that from the mini fridge over there?”
Carmen responds, “Yeah, I got hungry.”
Cody says, “I’m pretty sure that yogurt is expired.”
Carmen panics and falls to the floow, while saying, “Oh god, oh my god. I’m dying. Oh god.”

So, I mean, this is your typical like Blimey Cow sketch-esk, you know. You like start off a video and it’s like. “Here’s an idiot. Who doesn’t understand how food works. Now, I’m gonna make a video talking about what we need to do because there are idiots like this out there probably,” narrated with a funny voice. This seems to be kind of like a thing where there are people who live in a city. Like the commercial, “The city folks just don’t get it.” “Wait a minute. I just found out that some things are different than the way that I naively thought they were all along! I can’t trust everybody. This changes everything!” narrated in a funny voice. 

Carmen says, “But I’m not wrong!” You are wrong. I’ll give you a chance. Let’s hear your Wikipedia version of history and what you think really happened when you were throwing this video together to meet your quota one afternoon. 

Carmen explains, “Date labeling became popular in the 1970s. Instead of growing all our own foods, people began to buy from the grocery store.” I just love how they just gloss over that instead of doing this, people just started doing this other thing. This is the tendency of the mainstream. They look at history as something that’s just inevitable. In a funny voice, “Well, yeah, we just thought we ended up in World War II. Vietnam ended up happening. I don’t know why this thing, it just happened.” Why?

Carmen further explains, “People got nervous and said, ‘but if we aren’t growing it how do we know if it’s fresh.’” 

This is exactly what I said. This is city people too dumb to realize where their food comes from. 

Narrator from documentary, “I’ve been eating this food all my life without having any idea where it comes from. And it was this idea of this world deliberately hidden from us.” 

Carmen explains even further, “The supermarkets came up with a helpful idea and voluntarily adopted the ‘open dating system.’” 

Can you believe these freaking supermarkets listen to their customers and they voluntarily without force decided to help their customers!?

Watch the rest of the video if you care of me ranting even more!



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