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Cyrus Nowrasteh, the director of Infidel, Young Massiah, and many more great films that span over a decade, joins Kevin to talk about the making of his latest film and the true events that inspired it.

Thank you to morethanonelesson.com for connecting me with Cyrus Nowrasteh.

This episode is inspired by a true interview.

Official Trailer

My Review

More Than One Lesson Blog by Tyler Smith

TYLER SMITH is a film critic and college professor. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2004 with a degree in Film/Video and received his Master’s Degree in Cinema and Media Studies from UCLA in 2018. Since 2007, he has co-hosted the popular film theory podcast BATTLESHIP PRETENSION, discussing the various aspects of cinema. 

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  1. Glenn Wagner
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    Kevin, we met at NRB last year. I work with Crown Entertainment. Great podcast with Cyrus. Excellent.


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