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This is the hub for all things SGK. Videos, podcasts, blog posts, the whole enchilada.  (There will even be special content for subscribers… but more on that another day.)

“Wait!” you might say. “I thought Say Goodnight Kevin was just a YouTube channel!”

And you’d be right… at least, you were right until this year.

Say Goodnight Kevin videos have touched on deep topics like victim culture, personal liberty, and donkeys. But there’s only so much you can cover in a YouTube video, even in longer videos like Movie Nights.

If you’ve ever wished Kevin would take a deeper dive into these topics… well, guess what?

We’re divin’ in.

In January, the Say Goodnight Kevin Podcast debuted. The podcast features hour-long interviews with directors, actors, and other people involved in the making of the latest Christian films. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should. It’s a rare inside look into the inner workings of Christian film, and the topics range from filmmaking to politics to whether the Star Wars prequels are any good.

If you like the SGK podcast, then you’re going to love the upcoming blog posts. Every couple of weeks, we’ll release a post that takes a closer look at the issues Kevin doesn’t have time to cover in his videos. They’ll be deep. They’ll be fun. Hopefully, they’ll make you think.

So, welcome to the Say Goodnight Kevin Website!

If you’re a longtime viewer of the YouTube channel, you can expect the same great content… but more.

If you’re new to SGK, we hope you’ll stick around. We think you’ll like what you see.


  1. Valerie
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    Awesome! I love the new podcast and look forward to the blog!

    • Kevin McCreary
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      Thanks, Valerie! We’ll be adding old and new content every week.

      • Raymond A. Mercado
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        Hello Kevin, Veggie tales is a inspiration, and I hope my series can be in that middle area, and a good show. Kevin, I have created a show with no budget, with help of friends, a cartoon, that has Syfy, comedy and singing… And I am trying to make art with a good message. I really would love if you review and react to my animeted series as a Christmas special on your channel this year. Because season one has a Christmas arc. “Cin Zentido”.

        Season 2 comes out 2020-2021. And is way better I have my voice actors… Better music.. better quality. better animation.


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Meme’s for JESUS? Michael Schaffer and Matt Matias
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Meme’s for JESUS? Michael Schaffer and Matt Matias

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