Luke Barnett: Faith Based Star

Luke Barnett: Faith Based Star

Episode 016 | Say Goodnight Kevin Podcast

Luke Barnett, costar and writer of the controversial comedy Faith Based discusses the story behind the film, the state of Christian movies, and much much more. It’s a unique and riveting conversation!

David A. R. White: Between Kevin and Hollywood

David A. R. White: Between Kevin and Hollywood

Episode 015 | Say Goodnight Kevin Podcast

Co-founder of Pureflix and star SO MANY Christian movies, like the God’s Not Dead franchise and his latest film Beckman, David A. R. White. In this exciting episode, Kevin talks with David about Christian audiences, the industry, and what’s up with God’s Not Dead?! Plus more. Don’t miss it!

Cyrus Nowrasteh: Infidel Director

Cyrus Nowrasteh: Infidel Director

Episode 014 | Say Goodnight Kevin Podcast

Cyrus Nowrasteh, the director of Infidel, Young Massiah, and many more great films that span over a decade, joins Kevin to talk about the making of his latest film and the true events that inspired it.

Thank you to for connecting me with Cyrus Nowrasteh.



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Christian movies often market faith like a product, magnifying the positives of salvation while failing to mention the struggles Christians face in life after choosing to follow Jesus.

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